Sunday, July 10, 2011

Different Types Of Tote Bags

Tote bags are popular among the old and young because of its cute and sweet designs available in the market. It is also for suitable for both gender to use, males and females as an accessory. Nowadays, it also used for corporate organisations as a marketing tool and for promotional values. Tote bag is a great choice because it is reusable and people can do their part by saving the earth too!

There are many kinds of tote bags in the market, with different sizes, designs, material, texture and more. For ladies, they normally use it for their make up, clothes and wallets. For men, they usually use it to carry heavier items as it is quite strong and durable. In conclusion, tote bags are multi purpose. By using it to carry things, it will also promote the brand, company and business. You can buy them from the retail stores or even supermarkets. One good example will be IKEA, they do not provide their customers with free plastic bags. They actually encourage customers to get the recycled bags.

In all kinds of industries, bags are good to keep in excess because not only they are of multi purpose uses, they are also simple looking. A good tote bag can be used for work or play.

Choosing the right structure is essential.

The different types of tote bags will be as of following:

• Canvas: They are good because they are strong and durable. They come in different sizes, shapes and designs. Most commonly used tote bags.

• Custom: These kinds of tote bags are custom made accordingly to the consumers’ needs. The prints can be names, arts, stamps or characters. They have compartments as well.

• Personalized: They are most commonly used by corporate industries to promote their brand, business or services. They are made accordingly to the requirements and specifications. For example, the color, name, logos and more.

Now let us talk about the different kind of materials used to make the tote bags:

Firstly, would be the cotton tote bag. It is the strongest material and it is very commonly used. Next, the organic cotton tote bag is similar to the normal cotton tote bag but they are not natural. Jute tote bags are made from vegetable material, they are not natural but environmental friendly because it can be recycled. Lastly, nylon tote bags are made from threads of nylon and put together into a piece.

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