Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Doing Our Part With Recycle Bags

What are Eco bags? Eco bags can be seen usually at the end of the checkout counter or departmental stores. For example: Ikea. Eco bags in other terms called the recycled bags, because by using plastics bags it will cause a great damage on Earth. By using green bags, it will cut down the damage on Earth by a lot. Eco bags are simple to use. The materials used to make non woven bags are usually those wastes that people do not need them. Vinyl is the most commonly used material. Adding onto that, tote bags are also washable so it could be reused many times.

Here are some of the benefits eco bags will do to the earth:
Firstly, it can reduce the amount of landfill waste by recycling the bags. Plastics are biodegradable and it takes a long period of time to breakdown.
Secondly, when manufacturing plastic bags, the factories can emit out a lot of harmful gases on earth it will cause air pollution. Air pollution is harmful to both the earth and also human beings. Let’s look at the picture this way, if you are using lesser plastic bags, factories will also produce lesser amount of it. At the end, it will definitely reduce the amount of air pollution.

We can all do a part by using eco-friendly bags, although it may look like a small little bag to all of us. By using these small little bags, you will soon realize that you are contributing in saving our earth unknowingly.

Nowadays, eco bags come in various sizes and colours. You may not even realise that it is actually an recycle -bag. For some companies, they even choose green-bags to help advertise them. By printing logos and words for exposure as customers reuse their bags which can also be a good marketing tool. For example: When there is a promotion going on for the company at a trading show. Some examples that are also using tote-bags will be; supermarkets, retail stores, celebrities, banks, insurance and graphic designers.

So let us do a part in saving our earth today! Shop with only eco bags!